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The Hypochondriacs are a six-piece powerhouse band hailing from Fredericton, New
Brunswick, known for their genre-defying fusion of country, rockabilly, and unadulterated rock
and roll.. They’re making waves throughout North America with their electrifying live
performances, leaving an indelible imprint on both band and audiences alike. Yet it is their
honest and unfiltered songwriting that truly sets them apart.
The band formed in 2015, The Hypochondriacs, boasts a lineup of incredible musicians
and prolific songsmiths. At the helm of The Hypochondriacs is lead vocalist and guitarist Josh
Bravener. Known for his soulful voice and dynamic stage presence, Bravener infuses each
performance with raw emotion and genuine charisma. His heartfelt lyrics explore themes of love,
loss, and the trials of everyday life, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.
Supporting Bravener is an ensemble of extraordinary artists, each infusing The Hypochondriacs'
sound with their own unique flair: Jamie Guitar on bass, Kelly Waterhouse ( Saxophone 
and vocals), Jeannine Gallant (trombone/vocals), Connor Fox (lead guitar), and Andrew
DeMerchant (drums).
The band is no stranger to the road, having toured extensively throughout Canada and the
United States; their energetic live shows and passionate performances have garnered them a
dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. Recently having Shared stages with artists such as Luke
Nelson and the Promise of the Real, Corb Lund & Trooper, and The Reverend Horton Heat, to
name a few.
The Hypochondriacs show no signs of slowing down as the calendar flips to another
action-packed year in 2023. They have performed at Breakout West and Harvest Music Festival.
In March, they travelled to Austin, Texas, for SXSW. They stay strong on the touring and
festivals circuit, promoting their new full-length studio album, "Waitin."
Their debut album in 3/4 was a significant hit, and their new album, "Waitin'," is like a layered
onion amongst all the band members as you hear their individual contributions.
There are nine tracks on the new album, and the band has so much fun performing them. The
goal for the entire crew is to feel the soul in the writing, the performing and while making
When it comes to awards and accolades, the band is no stranger to the recognition of their
music and the energy they bring to every stage, no matter the size, the venue or the crowd.
They have been nominated for Recording of the Year in 2022, Emerging Artists of the Year, and
SOCAN Sound of the Year & Country Artist of the Tear by Music New Brunswick.
The Hypochondriacs focus on making good music and good memories with those they meet in
person and throughout the journey.
They hope to see you in a city near you.

"Waitin’ shines, brightly. As a collection of songs, each of these nine tracks rely on the individual strength of the entire band to make them work. No one’s just along for the ride here.  The album is sequenced in such a way that its R&B depth, its Stax Records lover’s appeal, and its embodiment of high performance Memphis soul confidently defines the first four of these nine songs. 

 Bookended by two distinct odes to the groups’ country origins, Highway #2 and Gospel are the type of character-driven story songs that command a strong attention to the narrative, while  Alone  and  Friends reinforce the group’s strength as a multi-musician force of nature. " - Grid City Magazine

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